Flexible Mischer aus Kunststoff

Housing: FEP (free from silicone)


Number of Elements:
24 or 36

Retention of Elements:
By means of a crimp on both ends of housing

End Connectors:
Plain ends

Max. operating temp.:
According to the table below. For higher pressures and temperatures above 120°C it is necessary to use a protective covering.
Tolerances: Length +/- 1mm.

STATICS IN-LINE MIXER Flexible Mixers from series PMS – 4 have been especially developed for two-component lacquer and other media with a very low grade of viscosity.

These mixers with a ductile body made of high-tensile polyamide plastic and a low grade of humidity absorption are suitable for a flexible fitting. Flexible mixers are not suitable for high pressure scenarios and for the assembling of media with a high grade of viscosity.

The cleaning of the mixers shall be made immediately after the end of work and in a conventional manner by purching it with a solvent-air-mixture. Thank to its translucency the the cleanliness factor of the mixer is easily verifiable.

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