PMS Serie 180

Mischsysteme aus Kunststoff

Quadratische Kunststoffmischer mit Glockenanschluss



Anzahl Mischelemente:
18 bis 36 (Sondergrößen möglich)

Die in der Tabelle beschriebenen Turbo-Mischer sind auch mit Luer Lock Anschluss zur Befestigung einer Dosiernadel erhältlich. Beim Bestellen fügen Sie einfach den Zusatz "LL" zur Artikel-Nr. des Mischers hinzu (z.B. PMS-180A-818LL).

This single-serving static mixer facilitates an optimized mixing result and allows the user to worker much closer to the workpiece/item. The rectangularly arranged geometry is based on a number of alternating left- and right-hand turning elements with reversal flows. The reversal flows deviate the liquid from the barriers to the centre of the mixer.


• Is just as half as long as a comparable spiral mixer
• Mixing with a constant high quality
• Save costs due to less adhesive-wastage
• Optimized operating time compared to other rectangular mixers
• Bellmouthed shaped part fits to any standard distributing device
• Outlet is compatible to Pro Tip accessories

Turbo mixers can be used with cartridges as well as with valves and distributing systems. When using metering und mixing applications we recommend metal sleeves (see table below). With cartridge applicThe in the table describend turbo mixers are also available with a Luer Lock connection in order to fix the dosing pump. Simply add „LL“ to the article nr. of the mixer when ordering (e.g. PMS-180A-818LL).

Metall sleeves

Metal sleeves are necessary when using metering and mixing application with machines.


can be used with medium- and high-pressure systems

ideal for robotics processes which demand a multiple repeatable positioningations you may need special retaining nuts, which are included in the cartridge set you buy.