PMS Serie 160 A

Kunststoffmischer mit Glockenanschluss für Pro-Tip-Düsen



The mixer nozzles of the series 160A combine practical non-returnable disposable mixers with flexible mixing output. The mixers of the series 160A are designed in order to be equipped with or without the various nozzles of the Series 163A Pro Tip. If the pressure in the mixer exceeds 10 bar, we recommend a metal sleeve (see below, one-piece sleeve).

Mixer component part
Pro- Tip polyethylene nozzle

The Pro-Tip nozzles are available in rectangular, half round and full-length shape.

Retaining nut

All retaining nuts except article numbers PMS-165-36N andPMS-165-36N-A-9S are intermateable with series 160A.

One-piece sleeve

In case the internal pressure of the mixer 160A should exceed 10 bar, we recommend the usage of a metal sleeve. For this purpose we have cost-saving one-piece sleeves in stock. They are especially recommendable for robotics processes which demand a multiple repeatable positioning. All our 2 K distributors and plug valves are available with a 7/8-14- winding.