GGX Mischer aus Kunststoff

Polyamid PA 6.6 50GF

DN 9,4 mm

In difficult tasks, such as mixing of media with large differences in viscosity and / or extreme volumetric flow rate proportions GGX-grid mixers are essential.
Frequently used spiral mixers reach their performance limits or often completely fail in these scenarios.

The first by injection molding, mass-produced static grid mixer elements GGX of plastic are available for some time in the nominal width DN 9.4 mm. They show up to be perfect for mixing 2-component adhesives, sealants and paints.

Due to the high mixing performance of the mixer elements GGX result with a very short overall length. Depending on the viscosity ratio one element of the GGX construction type replaces 3-4 elements of spiral mixers. This effectively means that the volume results to be less.
For applications working under high pressure polyamide material with glass fibre reinforcement (black ME) is particularly suitable. This GGX mixer has such a high resistance that it may be used in operation with up to 300 bar pressure drop.

Body for GGX elements
As a complement for the black-GGX elements there are now available the mixer bodies, also made of the high-resistance material Polyamide PA 6.6 50GF so that installation of the mixer is even easier.

The compressive resistance of more than 200 bars under static loading should not be fully exploited. We recommend a safety coefficient of 2,0 so that no more than 100 bars of pressure are charged on the body.

At higher pressure we recommended the installation of the mixer elements in a made to measure conduit.
For difficult applications which require a very high homogeneity two or more mixers can simply be connected in series above the mechanical joint.

GGX elements for coatings systems
The aggressive components of coating systems demand high requirements on the material. Abrasive solid state particles in painting and frequent rinsing processes with solvent have effects on the bottom line for many materials.
Polypropylene has a very high resistance to chemicals, but much lower strength properties. Therefore these GGX mixer elements should not be used with pressure of more than 50 bar.
This application shows the corresponding body, fully assembled with 6 GGX elements. The incorporation into the conductor of the coating supply device is carried out by means of the mechanical joint 12L.

As a result you have access to the following advantages:

• Short construction time
• less litter
• Short assembling time
• Good mixing results
• Semi-transparent body (FEP hose 9.4 x 12 mm to 25 m, 50 m and 100 m rolls) facilitates the monitoring

GGX Mixer can be used for:

• Mixing pumpable liquids
• Dispersing and emulsifying of indissoluble components
• Mixing of reactive liquids
• Mixing and homogenization of plastic melts
• Gas-/liquid contacting
• Mixing of gases
• Heat transfer of viscous media