The Stata tube section consists of specially designed mixers. Their particular construction reassures that you benefit from

• lower unit costs
• an excellent quality controlling
• a robust reinforcement geometry

Both, metal- as well as plastic pipes, can be used For the perfect execution mixer and tube must perfectly complement one another. In order to gain information about potential deviations and tolerance limits please contact your industrial premises.

Curve mixing fragments
For operations with fibrous particle and/or solids short mixers are ideal and advisable. The particularly stable form eliminates the risk that the mixers tear apart or that removed material blocks the mixers. To obtain further and detailed information please control your fabric.

Chemical resistance
The described sectors are in stock in two different plastics processings and also available in other processings, e.g. Kynar, upon request. We developped Polyplas in order to use it even with high resilience and chemical restistance. Polyplas is resistant to all conventional solvents, e.g. MEK, acetone and chlorid contents. The maximum working temperature is 250° F. Polyplas is not suitable for water and acetone. Polypropylene, in contrast, has excellent chemical reistances, and is chemically resistant to water as well as to acids and bases. The maximum working temperature is 200° F.