PMS Serie 162 A

Statische Kunststoffmischer mit Glockenanschluss für Pro-Tip-Düsen



PMS Serie 163A Pro-Tip:
Düsen (siehe Serie 160A & Serie 163A Pro-Tip)

Stahl aus einem Stück
Art-Nr. PMS-165-40N

The mixers 162A Series are designed for mixing and filling applications with high flow rates. This series includes our largest mixer elements. The diameter of the mixers is 19.9 mm, and the number of elements varies between 16-48 elements. The solid nylon body has an oversized bellmouthed inlet. The outlet is compatible with the Series 163A-Pro-Tip mixer accessories and also fits ½ NPS winding for fastening other accessories. 

Tube adaptors

Tube adaptors are used to fasten the mixers to existing distribution devices or valves. They are made of carbon steel or aluminum.

Distribution devices

We have in stock Aluminum –component distributors, washing-liquids inlet and the manually operated compounding valve Mega 600