PA-PE Schläuche

Polyamide hose in cable rolls of 25 m each

The most important application ranges:

• Compressed air lines (low pressure area) in industry and industrial art
• Hydraulic circuits (Mini-Hydraulic) in the measuring and control technology
• inter alia cables for fluid and pourable materials
• Pressure air-brake installation in vehicles and roll trailers (DIN 73378)
• Fuel- and lubricant supply systems
• Vacuum pipes

PA 12 has an excellent Charpy-V-notch toughness even in low temperature scenarios of up to -40 °C. It is corrosion resistant and suitable for a wide temperature spectrum. 

With its low water absorption it commands of a good dimensional accuracy within changing ambient humidity.

PA 12 is immune to grease, oil, fuels, hydraulic fluids as well as to alkalines and brines.

Sufficient UV-resistance is only possible with black pigmentation!

Suitable for the application of connectors. Vacuum appropriate up to 12 x 9 mm.

Available colours: natural coloured, blue, red, black, green, yellow and grey.